Choices! We are always choosing, consciously or unconsciously what to do next. Very rarely are we in the present moment…but that is for another post. 

I’ve just finished a PSYCH-K® session with a client who is in the process of giving up smoking, it is always an interesting one to work with. Mostly, with this kind of habit and ones that do not serve our health in a positive way comes back to self-worth and how we subconsciously think and feel about ourselves. 

During our time a question came to me….is smoking a form of self-punishment? And if it is, why? Honestly, we could ask this question for any ‘bad’ habit we have or for any choice we make that we know deep down is not serving us. 

On a conscious level, most of us don’t ever want to punish ourselves; we may even believe that we are soothing ourselves from an emotional upset or calming ourselves from a stressful situation. But if the choice/decision we are making, whether it is smoking a cigarette, having a drink, eating junk food, scrolling on Facebook for hours (the list is long!) etc, are we actually punishing ourselves? 

Is there a part of ourselves that is working from the belief that we are not worthy enough of making choices that enhance our health, well-being and life? Is there a subtle, quiet voice within saying ‘you are not valued or loved enough’? 

This is something that needs to be pondered on for a while 🙂 

It is something that will need some time to be felt in to. And most importantly, blame of any kind is to be left outside the door for this one. For me, it’s going to be a new avenue of self-exploration. Why am I making the choices I make? Why am I choosing certain things that I do or not do, as the case may be! 

Is it because I value myself above all else or is it because on some level I believe that I deserve to be punished? 

These are not light questions I know, but the potentials from asking these questions could have profound affects.