“Am I healer, because I heal myself every day or am I a prisoner because I imprison myself every day?” 

This is a question that came in to my mind a few weeks ago and it stopped me in my tracks. It is so easy to keep ourselves imprisoned living a life we no longer want to live, a life that no longer satisfies us, a life that is no longer inspiring (if it was ever any of these in the first place). 

And yet, each day the same decisions are made, the same feelings are felt and the same thoughts are thought! But we still expect change and newness is expected to appear. 

As uncomfortable as this feels at times, there is still a strange comfort is this known…the ‘uncomfortable comfortable’. Because choosing to behave differently, is going to create something unknown. And actively choosing to live in the unknown is not always a comfortable place to live. 

But becoming your own healer, taking steps to truly heal yourself from conditions, beliefs and fears that have been running a life you no longer want to live, takes courage and strength. It means going into parts of yourself that can be dark and unpleasant. It means loving yourself and your desired future more that the comfort of the known. 

When we hear spiritual teachers say that we always have a choice, this is the choice they are speaking of. 

We always have the choice to heal and free ourselves or to imprison ourselves, no matter what is going on in our outside world. It really is that simple, but it is not always easy! 

When we finally make the decision to change our lives, parts of ourselves will come to the surface….deep subconscious beliefs that have been getting in our way. And sometimes we have to go digging for them, because if we don’t know, we don’t know. 

But making the choice to be your own healer, will set you free! You will have mountains to climb and have depths to traverse through….but you will set yourself free!