When you’ve taken 2 steps forward and then you seem to find yourself 4 steps back.
Often when we make progress, when something opens up inside of us or when we have reached a new peak of awareness we sometimes say to ourselves: ‘this is it, I will never be back where I was”
And on some level that is completely true, we have moved forward, we have changed. But life often works in spirals. And brings you back to the same place, with the new #awareness that you have garnered and says to you: “Ok, now look at this! Now what are you seeing? Now, what can you learn?”
And it is here that I currently find myself and if I’m being honest, it’s sometimes hard to not say: “f*ck you Universe…..I’ve done this already” 🙊
It can seem unbelievable that you are back square one again! The same heavy feelings, the same thoughts, the same tightness in our bodies….the same stuckness!
And this will bring tears, it will bring tiredness and a desire to lie down and give up (some of my personal responses 😊)
But you know you’ve come too far to give up. You’ve worked too hard to not keep going.
You find something that changes your #energy and you see this is a new level on the spiral. Maybe it’s going for a walk, having a session of #acupuncture#meditating or simply sitting and beginning to write…just to get something moving in you.
When you are creating change within yourself so that your life can also change, you are never really back where you started. I just wanted to remind you that today! ❤️