“To become a master of our thoughts and emotions, like a Phoenix we need to be able to sit in the discomfort of the fire. Sitting in the fire is both the process and the initiation.” Dr. Joe Dispenza


To live the life you want to live….you have to become the person who can live it! Why? Because if you were already that person you would be living that life already!
So often we are ‘trying’ to create change in our lives, ‘trying’ to generate something new but we are doing it from a level of consciousness that doesn’t vibrate with that change, with that newness.
Creating a fire within yourself and then having the courage to stand in it….that is when change begins!
When we hold ourselves to the fire of who we no longer want to be and shine light on who we want to become, magic happens.
Fair warning….it is incredibly uncomfortable! You’ll want to quit, you will quit…but you will start again. Because once we feel/see/experience even a flicker of what is possible, going back is not an option