Place your hand on your heart and just be! There is nothing to do. Your heart knows exactly what to do.
When we place our attention on our heart, we give it the space to expand. And when our heart expands, we begin to relax and connect. Connect to ourselves, our higher self, the universe.
In these times there is great separation, there is an energy of divide, fear and at times hopelessness. This energy has a potential to divide us from within, to separate our body from our soul.
But when we connect to our heart we begin to reunite again ❤️ and we are united within ourselves….we can create, we can connect and we can gain a greater perspective.
When our centre point, our beautiful hearts are open…our stress levels automatically diminish, our body moves into more and more coherence.
Now, more than ever we need this. So if you need to sit with yourself for 5 minutes or an hour…this is an invitation to you
Let’s unite internally so that we may unite as a collective