Self Concept - How changing how you think of yourself, can change it all!

What if changing your self concept, your habitual ways of thinking about yourself were actually very simple to do?

Free Workshop – September 2nd @7pm

for 1 hour

We have all heard or been told that we should think kindly about ourselves, but not too kindly (though the not too kindly part was generally silent). Because you shouldn’t love yourself too much or think too highly of yourself, because then what would people think? Have you ever felt that if you were ‘too confident’ that you would be rejected, be made fun of, be hurt? Have you ever dimmed your light, kept yourself small and/or held yourself back from something magical because you didn’t want to seem too much?

If yes, then I would love for you to join me for an hour of developing a new self concept.

  • You will know what self concept is
  • How to become more aware of the often unconscious stories we are telling about ourselves
  • Why developing a new, life affirming self concept is so important
  • And how to develop it
  • We will also discuss the energetics of differing self concepts and how we can notice that in our bodies……

……because it is one thing have the knowledge, it is a completely different thing actually living it.

It is time now to embody who it is we really want to be! And to know that we do not need permission from anyone to do so! The only permission that matters is our own, the permission we give ourselves!

I will be introducing a 4 week programming that is starting on September 14th, where we will deep dive into self concept, beliefs and perceptions, mental diet; the power of the subconscious and conscious mind. How these two mind influence each other in every moment and how we can harness the power of both to allow more of our superconscious mind (our higher self) to lead our lives. And most importantly, how to live this, how to walk this talk, how to embody these thoughts.

We get to set ourselves free! We get to take back that self-responsibility and it begins with our self concept.

This workshop will be recorded

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash