PSYCH-K Client Testimonials:

Rachel - UK ( (online)

Having learned about the power and benefits of PsychK on a Coaching with Neuroscience course I was participating in, I searched for PsychK practitioners in Ireland, and was delighted to come across Joanne. Following an initial conversation with Joanne I signed up for 3 sessions, and then for another 2 thanks to the benefits I was experiencing. Joanne has a beautifully gentle, wise and powerful presence, and is a strong space holder for the type of deep work that PsychK brings about.
While the approach and work itself feels very simple and subtle, it affects quite significant shifts to one’s psyche to have the realisations that come about through it. I had some very useful realisations, and a couple of breakthroughs thanks to working with Joanne over a period of months, and have since recommended her work to several friends. I would recommend working with Joanne if you know that there are underlying, possibly unconscious, core beliefs that are holding you back which you feel ready to shift and uproot. 
Jane, Dublin. In-person

I have been attending psych-k sessions with Joanne and I have been finding them very beneficial. Each session I chose a few things to work on and the results have been amazing. I have been continuing my acupuncture sessions. I have found the acupuncture sessions with the psych-k have been a double whammy! It’s like attacking things from two sides so I’m delighted! I feel like a new woman! 
Edel - Dublin (in-person)

To sum it up in 4 words “Confidence, Vulnerability, Fear and Acceptance”.

 I have this new sense of conciseness, I can tell you there is no way I can go back to the way I was thinking and living, I know now the reasons as to why I was self-sabotaging and PSYCH-K helped me answer a lot about myself. By realising the reasons, I also realised it’s OK to feel that way and admit to them because its only then I can work on myself little by little everyday aiming to reach my full potential. Since my PSYCH-K sessions with Joanne a lot has happened personally and in the career I am creating for myself, I look forward to the day that I have to face that halfway point with my current career because I already know I’m past it, the only thing separating me and my full potential is time. Until then I’ll enjoy the journey. 

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Patrick Douglas - In-Person

I have been on a journey of healing and self discovery for a very long time. I worked with many types of energy healing and meditation from different schools and belief systems. I had a difficult life growing up and in 2018 when I started my journey into the mind, I discovered that I had so many limiting, negative and false beliefs about myself and life in general. They were holding me back and keeping me from true, deep healing. At a certain stage of my healing journey I felt like this beliefs had kept me prisoner from being the highest expression of myself. Then as the Universe guided me into the deeper aspects of my mind, Psych-K came into my awareness. As I trust Joanne in guiding me through this healing journey, I committed to 4 sessions, once a week. As soon as I started, I immediately felt a shift happening, while limiting and negative beliefs slowly melted away. I could sense new pathways forming in my subconscious where I could create new positive and uplifting beliefs that could support my healing journey. Psych-K for me has been the missing key I needed to add to my healing journey. Many beautiful things have happened since I started the first sessions and after my 4th one, I decided to keep going as I feel together with my meditation practice, Psych-K has given me my mind back. I truly feel loved and supported and and I become aware of when I start forming a negative belief so that I can re-route the energy and create a positive one. I highly recommend Psych-K to anyone. It doesn’t matter what the journey you are on is about, this therapy can give you the tools to live an extraordinary life.

Michela - Dublin ( (in-person)

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Joanne.  She has a great manner about her that you are immediately put at ease.  I am currently going thru a very stressful time in my life and the sessions were invaluable to me.  It allowed me to calm down, reduce my anxiety and in one of my session, I had a big breakthrough. I highly recommend PSYCH-K sessions with Joanne.
Jeanne - Barcelona (online)

“Through my conventional treatment of a debilitating illness (from which I’m thankfully recovered), Joanne Burke has helped me using acupuncture and more recently using the ‘new to me’ Psych-K. She has an innate gift of listening and asking the correct questions when you are trying but not managing to express yourself clearly. She is patient, kind and thorough. Joanne’s intuition is spot on and I highly recommend her!”

Deirine - Dublin (in-person)