PSYCH-K® uses muscle testing as the way to communicate with the subconscious. The facilitator (me) and the partner (you) use your extended arm to determine a weak (stress) response or strong response to a goal statement or belief statement. It is a very effective ‘True/False’ communication or feedback system. This process can also be used remotely through a process of ‘Surrogation’, where the facilitator muscle tests for you, the partner.

I have worked with many clients online, from all over the globe and the results have been just as effective as working with someone physically in my office.

Here is Rob Williams, the orginator of PSYCH-K® explaining more about a PSYCH-K® balance

How PSYCH-K® works remotely

PSYCH-K® works on the premise that we are all connected; like the roots of trees, there is an invisible network connecting us all. And with that I, as the facilitator, asks for permission from your higher self to surrogate with you to muscle test on your behalf. PSYCH-K® always ensures that it is safe and appropriate to go in to a balance for you with permission from your super-conscious mind or higher self. As above, I have worked with many, many people online using surrogation and it is just as effective as working together in person.

Why is PSYCH-K® so affective? 

PSYCH-K® can easily create a change in the subconscious because that change is performed when a person is in whole-brain state; this is an integral part of PSYCH-K®. A whole brain state is when both hemispheres of your brain are communicating and are in sync with each other. 

So if you wanted to focus on money or finances, you might have created the statement “I easily make money”, (because this is how you want things to be). Your thoughts might be, ‘no, I don’t’, ‘it takes a lot of hard work to make money’ etc. We would test this statement, using the muscle testing and if a weak (stress) response is returned that means (as you probably agree to) that your subconscious does not have this belief.

Then you perform one of a number of PSYCH-K® balances and within minutes your subconscious mind will accept and believe this statement. Again, this now has installed the potential for you to take action and create the life that you want.

What to expect in your initial PSYCH-K® session

In your first session we will speak in depth about where you are, where it is you feel stuck or what area(s) of your life just aren’t working as you wish they would. We will determine what your current beliefs are for that specific area and then most importantly you will specify how you want it to be. From this, we will move in to a PSYCH-K® balance, communicating with your subconscious to install new software that will allow you to action bring new potentials into your life.

Going through PSYCH-K® does not mean that we need to dive deep into old woundings or trauma, all we need to know is the belief you still hold. Though some talking is done, this is very much an ‘action’-based system.

There are built in permission protocols within PSYCH-K®, so anything that is not in your highest good or that is not safe and appropriate cannot be used.