The 3 Natural Secrets to Eliminate Chronic Migraine

Free Seminar: Thursday, 25th October 2018. 

6pm to 7pm

Here at Joanne Burke Acupuncture Clinic, 19 Fitzwilliam Square South.


How To Dramatically Reduce or Even Eliminate Chronic Migraine AND Make Life Enjoyable Again with Natural Simple, yet Powerful strategies That Do Not Require Difficult Detoxes and Overwhelming Lifestyle Changes.

(This Helps Even if you are Taking Medication)


Joanne Burke, Owner and Practitioner of Joanne Burke Acupuncture Clinic teaches this seminar.


This is for anyone (even those who are taking medication) who wants to use the same powerful, PROVEN natural self-care techniques Joanne teaches her migraine patients. 

Attendees learn:

  • The simple, non-overwhelming diet change that dramatically combats inflammation, thereby reducing or even eliminating chronic migraine….WITHOUT complicated calorie counting and restrictive food management.
  • This gentle, yet powerful daily habit that significantly improves energy, focus, and stress management….that is incredibly SIMPLE to implement into your life.
  • An impressive addition to your life that helps to gently assist the body to eliminate hormonal and cellular waste….therefore supporting a healthy inflammation process and reducing migraines.


The human body is designed to achieve and sustain perfect hormonal balance. In this seminar, you will learn the right triggers and systems to unlock this potential. You learn EXACTLY what to do to get started ON YOUR OWN.


Joanne will show attendees EXACTLY what to do to get started ON THEIR OWN



Plus when you attend you will receive 

A simple, easy to follow diet plan for optimum hormone health

…..that has been used over and over again in clinic to get amazing results for our migraine patients.

Don’t wait. This event will fill to capacity