Beliefs & Perception Workshop

16th September @7pm (Dublin) for 90 mins

Online – you will receive a Zoom link when you book

Price – €5

Beliefs and perceptions…..what are they? Were do the come from? How do I change them?

These are big questions I am often asked.

And another big question is: How do I know if I have beliefs or perceptions that are restricting me or holding me back? 

In the words of the very wise Dr.Bruce Lipton…..look to the areas of your life that aren’t ‘working’ as you wish, and there you will find beliefs that are not serving you. 

  • Do you seem to always attract the same partner, but in a different body? 
  • Do you constantly feel ‘stressed out’? 
  • Do you notice that there is a persistent little voice in your head saying ‘I can’t’
  • Are you habitually comparing yourself to people online, your neighbour, your sister/brother etc?
  • Do you daily feel ‘sub-par’, sluggish, low in energy and/or flat? 
  • Is procrastination a big problem for you? 
  • Are you always struggling financially, no matter how much money you make? 
  • Do you find it difficult to lose weight even after all the diets you’ve tried? 
  • Do you struggle to feel joy, happiness, relaxed for no obvious reason? 
  • I could go on……. 

 If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I invite you to attend this workshop. 

 During our time together I will give you an understanding of:   

  • what beliefs and perceptions are
  • when our deepest ones are most often created
  • the subconscious mind, as I understand it
  • the biological ‘ins and outs’ of how beliefs, thoughts and perceptions can affect our internal chemistry, neural pathways
  • how they affect our reality (going a little bit quantum with this one!)
  • how beliefs and perceptions can create habits
  • and how habits can create beliefs and perceptions  


What I intend for you take away from this workshop is:   

  • know how to figure out what beliefs and perceptions are holding you back
  • some steps that you can use straight away to begin to ‘reprogram’ yourself
  • most importantly to understand and KNOW that you are powerful
  • and that you can change and create the life you know you’ve always wanted  

I will also introduce you to Energy Psychology, PSYCH-K® being the branch of this that I work with. I will briefly explain:  

  • What PSYCH-K® is
  • How it works
  • A special offer for those who attend


 And, those who attend will receive a FREE guided meditation that I have created  


If you have any questions about the workshop or would like to know more now about PSYCH-K, please get in touch.

image: a-5AW7otY6Ocs-unsplash